The Ruschi Noceti Family and The Farm

The Ruschi Noceti farm was founded in Pontremoli in 1978 by brothers Francesco, Carlo and Maria Luisa.
To date, the winery operates from the lands and buildings which belong to the Pavesi, Ruschi and the Noceti families. The roots of these three families, many members of whom have played an important part in Lunigiana’s history and evolution,can be traced back to the Middle Ages.

Since ancient times, the Farm had vested interests in the wine sector, as stated in a document, kept in the family archive, dated 1454, which details the purchase of a vineyard.
Throughout its history, the Farm has always worked to promote the wine world and its’ close links with the culture, traditions and customs of its territory.


Throughout the nineties the Farm contributed to the creation of a Consortium comprising Lunigiana Wine Producers. Francesco Ruschi Noceti served as President of the aforementioned Consortium for many years as well as serving as Vice President of “the Strada del Vino dei Colli di Candia” and “Lunigiana Association”.

During his tenure as president of the Consortium of Lunigiana Wine Producers, in the course of the nineties and in collaboration with A.I.S. Apuan section, Francesco organized the first professional qualification course for Sommelier in Lunigiana which was attended by many Lunigiana restaurateurs.


Since 1994, the Farm kickstarted a project with researchers from the University of Pisa, which led to the creation of a “Vineyard Collection” with the goal of recovering the viticultural heritage of Lunigiana.