Fattoria Ruschi Noceti


We are the custodians who have the task of carrying on our history that has lasted thus far for more than 500 years

Since the early fifteenth century The Ruschi Noceti family has been cultivating vines on the hills overlooking the ancient town of Pontremoli.
The rediscovery of native vines and the passion of brothers Francesco, Carlo and Maria Luisa culminated with Fattoria Ruschi Noceti being nominated for and winning many prestigious international awards.

It is from this strong bond with the land that this unique and high quality wine is born, an expression of a reality that has been consolidated since 1978 while remaining firmly anchored to its roots.


5 distinct wines with six labels made from grapes of autochthonous varieties

The Passito di Pòllera

Luigi Veronelli famously said that never before had he knelt down before a wine prior to tasting il Passito di Pollera

“… at the stall of the Francesco Ruschi Noceti farm, in Pontremoli, I knelt down as if I were Prince André Tchelistcheff, in front of the glass of Passito di Pòllera 1997. An aristocratic creature that combines the spirit of the local lands, the nobility of history and the commitment of the vine grower”.

Luigi Veronelli forIl Corriere della Sera

“A star was born in the firmament of Lunigiana wine, or more like it a sun has risen”. This is how the “I Vini di Veronelli” prestigious wine guide described the Passito di Pòllera, 1997 vintage, from the Ruschi Noceti farm”.

Paolo Bissoli forCorriere Apuano

Passito di Pòllera
harvest 1997

• Sole Guida Oro i Vini di Veronelli •

Pòllera Rosso IGT
harvest 2002

• Sole Guida Oro i Vini di Veronelli •


A land so rich in history that it inspired us to excel


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