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How do you explain the success and the awards obtained over the years?

I feel honored and satisfied with the results achieved, because they are a recognition of the commitment and work done with great care and dedication to a project in which I strongly believed. I have traced a path of growth and revaluation, in this also helped by the experience and passion of an oenologist like Federico Ricci, who embraces these last years in which I have put myself at the forefront to defend and bring to today’s luster a valuable product such as the “Passito di Pòllera”.
The “passito di Pòllera”, obtained from the black berry Pollera, a vine that had almost been forgotten, is the flagship of our production. Thanks to our passion for this aristocratic creature we have obtained a niche product but valued and rewarded by admirers and professionals of a certain caliber such as Luigi Veronelli, the well-known winemaker. […] This recognition of prestige was a confirmation of our right to experiment and enhance a local vine in which we believed, given the initial signs of encouragement.
In addition to the awards obtained in 2003 and 2006, other awards also came from local organizations such as “Tuscany’s Best Wine”.
Come spiega il successo raggiunto e la visibilità ottenuta anche all’estero?

At the first edition of “Tuscany’s Best Wine”, which took place this year in Livorno, some of our precious wines have achieved conspicuous success such as the “Rosso La Costa” 2005 Igt, the “Otto Ottobre” Bianco Igt, but above all the our now famous “Passito di Pòllera”, obtained from grapes that dry for about 100 days on reeds in ventilated environments that recall the care of the ancient farmers. It is a wine with intense fruity and spicy aromas that persist and give a triumph of the past to all five senses.
For me and my brother Carlo, another great satisfaction came from a “Bianco-La Costa”, 2004 vintage, which thanks to its resemblance to prestigious French wines was transferred to the ancient court of the kings of France.
If you had to choose an expression to define or tell your philosophy which one would you choose?

Let’s say that a word that can describe our philosophy is: countertendency. Everyone goes in the direction of renowned or established vines and chooses wines with an easy taste and immediate response. We focus on the native vine with the possible risks that this choice entails. We prefer to go on little-traveled and little-known roads.
I insist that a good wine and a high quality product speaks for itself and presents itself at its best. We are proud of our niche production and the fact that our wines have been awarded the Igt Val di Magra.

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