15th edition of Anteprima vini della Costa Toscana


Pòllera Rosso IGT Val di Magra 2010 red wine: “95% pòllera blend with ageing that occurs evenly between steel and wooden barrels for 18 months and a further 12 months in the bottle. It possesses a red tending to garnet color with a depth similar to that of Nebbiolo since it is light but delicate and refined to the eye. The pòllera possesses these characteristics as well as that of late ripening, which is why the wine is harvested at the beginning of October. It is an elegant and fine wine on the nose, bringing delicate aromas to the attention of the nose. You can smell the cherry, raspberry and berries that are already macerated . It has a pleasant spicy element that binds to the fruits and has great harmony with the evolving scents that bring a hint of leather, a little chocolate and a deep and balsamic element. On the palate it replicates the above owing to the fact that even the tannin perfectly plays its script: it is quite soft, fine and kind to the palate. It impacts one’s sensations in a velvety way allowing for a hint of vegetable in the tannin to be perceived that still leaves room for further future refinement.”

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